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Welcome to the official website of KeyLean Company Limited!

As a welcome giveaway, I am going to let you in on some insider "quotation secrets" from sellers that could potentially save you all the money you want!

Now, let me ask you a question: Do you want a lot more power and choice when looking to buy valued products from a lean manufacturer?

If your answer is a positive yes, then the following secret I am going to reveal to you could be the most important message you have ever read.

Here is why. My name is David, and I have been working in the manufacturing industry for the past 15 years in the following sectors: Casting, Sewing, Electronics and Medical. And after all these 15 years of working in the manufacturing industry, I have found one common denominator in the rules which most Chinese, or indeed any other sellers use when they make their quotation.

By knowing the rules sellers use when they make their quotation and understanding the reason behind these rules, you will have an edge over other buyers which will give you power and choice, should you decide to switch to a more cost-efficient manufacturer, and soon you will find you have saved a whole lot more money than you ever thought possible!

The industry insider secrets are soon to be revealed and how you can profit from this revelation!

So read on, because here it is...

"In calculating and determining the selling price of a manufactured product, as a rule, a minimum markup of 100 percent on labor cost is often used, and a markup of 150 percent or 200 percent or even more on labor cost is often used by some other 'larger', that is...'not-so-lean' companies "

Now, that may not sound quite surprising, especially when you take into account the enormous overhead cost that some not-so-lean companies have to factor in when determining the price. But this certainly is not fair to you as a buyer, especially if you are buying in volume. However there really is not much you can do about it ,(except you can use the knowledge to your best advantage when negotiating with your seller.)....unless you decide to switch to a leaner supplier!

And that is where KeyLean Company Limited comes in: applying a markup as little as 10 percent on labor cost, saving that remainder 90 percent or more profit, to you!

How are we able to do this and still stay afloat and in fact a few steps ahead of the competition?


By implementing lean manufacturing AND management!

KeyLean Company Limited is a holding company and all its subsidiaries implement lean manufacturing in-house, and all our export business is CENTRALLY controlled (lean management!).

As of 2017, KeyLean Company Limited co-owns two manufacturing plants in Shenzhen, China, namely Shenzhen KeyLean Electronics Co;Ltd., Shenzhen KeyLean Dolls Co;Ltd.

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