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Shenzhen KeyLean Electronics Co.,Ltd.

------The leading innovative enterprise in the Smart Era

We welcome you to enter the Smart Era with us.

Our company was established in 2008,specializing in the R & D ,production and sale of beauty devices, health and fitness devices, MCU development, consumer IC/chips/PCBA/COB/electronic modules etc.


Since its establishment, thanks to our researchers and developers’ marketing acuity, we designed and developed a series of electronic products that follow closely with the market needs, with the adoption of modernized production equipments, we manufacture conforming to ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification guidelines. With several years under our belt, we have won the trust and support of our customers both domestic and abroad with product performance stability, innovation and supreme service. Our products have passed CE,FCC,ROHS and other various certifications, and have been selling like hotcakes domestically and to international market like Europe ,America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australia, Africa etc.

Our company has our own R & D team and excellent after-sales team, with Smart Era, Continuous Innovation as our business concept, while guaranteeing product quality, constantly diversifies its product lines, accommodating various customer market needs according to market change and needs. We can provide the most professional customized products and packaging service according to customers’ requirements, and can even provide excellent help in areas of transporting and marketing goods.

Choose us, you can then have the most enthusiastic ,most professional service!

  Our company is equipped withPlastic tooling department, Plastic injection departmentBonding/SMT workshop/Electronic assembly department, PMC, Engineering departmentElectronic/Mechanical)、Quality department, Marketing departmentDomestic trade/Foreign tradeand other important workshops and departments, owns advanced semiconductor manufacturing equipments and tooling/injection molding equipments ,improved org charts and advanced production equipments, providing fast, high quality one-stop service for customers domestic and abroad!

In the future, we will focus more on people’s lives, with facilitating people’s lives as our goal, continuously create practical and effective products, creating bigger markets for customers.

Smart Eraconsumers need new thinking guidance.

We welcome you to join in the innovation and change with us hand in hand.! Lead the Era’s new trend!


Product concept: Innovation and quality are equally important


Brand core conceptthink what others can’t think ofdo what others can’t do.


Product core competitivenessInnovation, Practicality, Trend, Fun experience


Brand Culture

People are lucky in the 21st century, for here comes the Smart Era that brings more experience. The evolvement of an era has its inevitability. Only conforming to the trend, going to the forefront, are we able to take more opportunities than others. We are the generation that create, and are the generation that experience. Enterprises need to continuously innovate, seek and find good products that suit the mass, are able to bring real experience, with stable quality at the same time, giving consumers completely new experience. And we are doing just that.


Everyone can join the Smarteveryone can undergo the fun new experience, promote the Smart Era’s improvement and development, letting lives have more possibilities! We would like to invite you to be the witness with us!

Be a partner with us today and let's succeed together tomorrow! Please go to our Products page!

Shenzhen KeyLean Electronics Co;Ltd.

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